In case you missed the memo, it’s the season when all things are bright and beautiful – not to mention colorful. While summer is just around the corner, it still is spring, even if there’s only a month left.

And if you’re still wearing drab clothes, then take advantage of what remains of the season. It’s not too late, and you can even carry over the spring look when summer comes, depending on the material.

Here are some shirts that will add some color to your spring look. Continue reading →

Two of the most iconic brands have come together to create – or recreate – a classic in the repertoire of an automotive enthusiast: the driving jacket.

While staying true to their traditions, Savile Row and Bentley have added modern elements. The jackets were commissioned by Bentley Motors and were displayed at an exhibit held at the residence of the British Ambassador in Washington, D.C. on May 14. Continue reading →

McGyver may not have been the epitome of style, but he most definitely was the man when it came to solving practically any problem. Any.

With his trusty old Swiss Knife, McGyver is the person you’d want to be with during the zombiecalypse.

But what if you value style as much as functionality? (Not that the Swiss Knife is bad looking. Quite the opposite actually.) Continue reading →