How many suits do you own? How many of them do you actually wear regularly? How many of them have you worn more than once or twice?

The chances are that you have at least one suit that you don’t really need, and instead of leaving it in your wardrobe, why don’t you do something good with it?

Men’s Wearhouse, a shop that has been catering to men’s wear and accessories for more than 40 years is holding its 8th annual suit drive. It started a couple of days ago, June 22, and it will end on July 31. Continue reading →

The Hollywood legend has made many a woman’s heart flutter and many a guy envious. We all may have different images, memories, and ideas of him (especially for the younger generation), but I think there is one common thing: Marlon Brando and a motorcycle.

It’s like this guy was born to ride one! As they say that a horse and a rider are one, it seems applicable to Marlon Brandon and bikes.

And, not only did the actor “bond” well with bikes on set, he also loved them with a passion in real life. Continue reading →

When it comes to looking the part of the confident, I don’t give a care in the world as to what people think, James Bond is hard to beat. While the British super spy can take on more casual – sometimes rugged – looks, he does play and dress part of the proper gentleman very well.

James Bond fans probably know each and every car 007 has used in the past 50 years. They also probably know all about his excellent suit collection.

Whether or not you know the suits of James Bond, the following infographic will be a feast for your eyes. Continue reading →