Men aren’t exactly known to be patient when it comes to shopping for clothes, but there are occasions when you want to look your best. And it doesn’t hurt to look good even on ordinary days.

One issue is that buying shirts off the rack doesn’t always work. Some guys got it easy – just pick out a shirt and they’re good to go. Others special measurements which make it difficult. For example, the fit of the shirt may be just right but the sleeves may be too short (or long).

That’s where startup STANTT comes to the rescue. Continue reading →

The New York Fashion Week: Men’s was held last week, and it received mixed reactions. While there were some interesting collections, there were “analysts” who claim that it didn’t work. Basically a fail.

Let’s not look at the outlandish collections that you probably won’t touch with a 12-foot pole. Unless you’re going to a costume party.

new york fashion week mens


Instead, let’s look at some suits that you would actually wear to work or a night out. Continue reading →

Online shopping has made our lives so much easier. With countless stores, including brands with brick-and-mortar premises – online, we only have to browse, click a few buttons, enter payment and shipping details, and we’re good to go.

While all this is convenient, the setup is not perfect. When it comes to clothing and shoes, size may prove to be a problem. There is also the fact that you may like what you see online may not look good on you when you wear it. Continue reading →

I’m the worst when it comes to packing for a trip. I know what I have to bring with me. I have the mandatory list (mandatory for me), and yet when the time comes to put everything in the backpack or suitcase, everything gets messed up. It’s not unusual for me to arrive ay my destination with clothing all wrinkly and something gooey in some places.

If you’re like that, then you’ll want to see ShelfPack. Actually, if you’re a meticulous packer, you’ll want to learn about ShelfPack even more. Continue reading →

Everyone knows the line “Shaken, not stirred”. You’ve probably even used it more than once yourself. But have you ever thought about just how much 007 drinks?

With James Bond turning 50 in 2012, played by many actors – including spoofs, TV series, and radio shows – it would be difficult to wrap one’s head around the amount of alcohol the character has consumed in half a decade.

Let’s make it clear from the get-go: this post is NOT to encourage anyone to drink as much as James Bond. It’s merely the result of curiosity about the iconic character that Ian Fleming created. Continue reading →