Bags for men come in all shapes and sizes. From the classic attache case to the more modern merse, you can find practically any bag that suits your taste and fits the occasion.

If there is one thing that will never go out of style, however, it is the backpack. This bag is practical, allowing you to stow all your stuff in one place, all the while keeping your hands free to hold your coffee-to-go or your umbrella.

But there are backpacks and there are backpacks. Today, let’s look at some ramped up designer backpacks that will not only serve you well but also add to your style. Continue reading →

Some people ooze style as if they were born with it, as if they made no effort at all, but some need a little help. Even if you have a nice collection of shirts, pants, blazers, and what have you in your closet, there may be days when you feel at a loss. When you are not sure what looks best with what.

If it’s just any ordinary day, perhaps it doesn’t matter much. But if there is a lot at stake, then you definitely want to look your best.

Enter myDiModa app. Continue reading →

You may have your own fashion style, and it may work awesomely for you, but there is no harm in getting inspiration from others. Especially those who are known for their excellent taste in fashion.

If you are on Instagram, and you like looking at good fashion – not to mention finding someone to emulate – then here are the 5 best men’s fashion Instagram accounts to follow. Continue reading →