Walker & Company Brands has recently announced a new product that every meticulous groomer will want in his arsenal: the Bevel Trimmer.

Every barber worth his salt has his preferred trimmer, and it seems that Walker & Company Brands is on to something with its new product and has partnered up with rapper Nas.

Nas’s Master Barber Marcus Harvey says, “I use the Bevel Trimmer on my clients. I use the Bevel Trimmer on myself. It’s the dopest trimmer ever.Continue reading →

When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch has been hogging the limelight. Even way before it was announced, everyone was already talking about it. The watch was even given names when it was a mere concept.

What many didn’t realize was that there are other smartwatch options – and I’m not talking about Pebble and co. Options that cater to those who want only the most luxurious wrapped around their wrists. Continue reading →

There used to be a time when TED talks were the thing. The cool, intellectual people were all over the talks, pulling all strings to gain entrance. The unfortunate had to rely on the Internet, but still unabashedly proclaimed to the world just how much they love TED talks.

The noise may not be as loud today as then, but TED talks still matter, and they are just as worth watching. I just think you don’t have to shout it out loud that you watch every single TED talk there is.

Anyhow, with all the talks last year, you surely missed one or two. If you are looking for some interesting watching, here are some of the best 2015 TED talks to check out. Continue reading →