Renowned agency, IMG Models, is taking the fashion world by storm courtesy of the first plus-size male model. As it is with agencies, a new buzzword has been created to describe this category: brawn. Because plus-size isn’t good enough.

To be fair, however, plus-size does have its negative connotation, and it is an agency’s job to make the packaging more enticing.

As Ivan Bart, president at IMG Models, says, “Brawn has a body positive message. Brawn is physical strength.”

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When it comes to jeans, nothing can match Levi’s 501. It is common knowledge that the jeans were born out of practicality – coal miners, cowboys, and workers involved in rigorous work needed jeans that would withstand the elements. Levi’s filled this need.

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While a new study may have shown that men like to go fashion shopping more than women these days, one cannot ignore the fact that not everyone is confident enough to pick or create his own style. Or maybe, some just don’t have the time. Case in point: celebrities who look glamorous but still need a personal stylist.

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