Beards used to be all the rage, with all styles to choose from. We even posted a guide in the past, which we called the Ultimate Beard Chart – and for good reason.

In recent times, though, attention has been taken away from the beard to the hair. Remember the man bun? Yup, that hair style took the world by storm. Even big outlets have published instructions on how to create the perfect man bun without having to kill yourself.

We have to admit, though, that the man bun has been set aside as well. Now, it’s back to the beard!

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And then some.

Air Tailor is a new service that might just change the way you get your clothes altered and repaired – forever. The chances are not all of your suits are specifically tailored for you. You might have some that are bought off the rack. Then there are jeans, which may be too long; not to mention shirts and other articles of clothing that may have a rip or two.

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Fashion isn’t always just about clothing and grooming. It’s also about accessories, gadgets, and gear. And, when it comes to gadgets, the chances are that your constant companion is your phone. Okay, maybe second to your watch. But a close second.

The chances are you regularly invest in a good phone as well as a protective case. After all, who wouldn’t want his phone to be safe from bumps and scratches?

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I love the 80s, but being a 90s kid, everything from that decade makes me feel nostalgic. Even hairstyles that may seem unfashionable to today. But, as we know, trends come and go. Who says popular 90s hairstyles won’t make a comeback this year?

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