You can never have enough leather. Okay, that’s not right; but having a fair amount of leather clothing and accessories in your wardrobe is always a good idea.

The thing is, the question of ethics has been more and more brought to the forefront – not to mention environmental issues. For, as beautiful as leather products are, the source material and processes involved in their production are not exactly squeaky clean. Continue reading →

While men wearing skirts is not common in many societies today, it is not totally unheard of. In fact, the Scottish kilt has turned countless heads the world over.

These days, however, there is this trend of men in skirts – hashtag #meninskirts, of course – which one can’t help but notice. Continue reading →

It’s a well-known fact that most women regularly trim their eyebrows – or have someone do it for them. What is not so commonly done is to trim men’s eyebrows. After all, who has time for that?

However, if you’re already paying attention to your wardrobe and investing in a skin care regimen, why not give your eyebrows some loving? Not only will it make you look cleaner, it will also shave some years off your age. Continue reading →