Not all celebrities are created equal, nor are they dressed equally well. While some have their own distinctive style, it doesn’t necessarily mean they look good. Then again, “good” is in the eye of the beholder.

No matter which celebrity you favor, you probably have tried – or are trying – to emulate their style. Sometimes it’s easy, but more often than not, it’s probably difficult to find the same items – not to mention at a good price. Continue reading →

Grindr, the world’s largest gay social network app, is where men go for fun and online dating. Of course, we know that online interactions do extend to the real world.

Recently, Grindr hit the headlines thanks to an article published by The Daily Beast, wherein their correspondent conducted an “experiment” using the app to bait athletes to come out into the open. It has since been taken down due to the outrage it caused. Continue reading →

It used to be that the idea was that skin care isn’t a topic for men. There was no room for discussion. These days, though, the proliferation of men’s skin care products testifies to the fact that the market is there. And why wouldn’t that be the case?

Regardless of gender, skin care is an important part of taking care of one’s self. While there are still people who wouldn’t be caught in the skin care and pampering section of stores, hopefully you’re not one of them. If you are, it’s time you change you mind.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your skin. In fact, it may very well save your life. Literally.

Whether it’s for safety or aesthetics, here are some skin care tips for men. They’re so basic that you won’t find any excuse to ignore them.

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