Sneakers have been all the rage in the past years, with the trend spreading like wildfire around the world – although they have been around since 1908; Converse sound familiar?). Sneakers fly off the shelves. Look down, and chances are that you’ll see more sneakers than other shoe types. Websites for sneakerheads are more numerous than mushroom after the rain.

Celebrities and brands have even collaborated to come up with hits like Kanye West’s Yeezy. However, while collaborations like Yeezys are popular – often rightly so – there’s nothing like the classics; and when it comes to classics, Nike is right up there. Continue reading →

Trends come and go, but one thing that has remained (more or less) constant is the fact that finding good-looking clothes for big & tall men is not an easy task. Call it what you want – super large, 4XL, or plus-size – these sizes make it difficult for male shoppers to track down exactly what they want.

Oh, there are choices, sure, but one has to do a lot of digging.

Major League Baseball MVP Mo Vaughn knows that the struggle is real, and he has come up with a solution himself – a new clothing line called MVP Collections. Continue reading →

And so must you, if you’re a fan of the Netflix hit. Then again, no one who has seen the show is not a fan. It’s simply not possible.

To be honest, it took me a while to get started, even though a bunch of trustworthy friends told me several times to watch it. Once I started, though, I wasn’t able to stop. Let’s just say a certain Saturday night (till the sun came up) was spent in front of the screen – and not for work. Continue reading →