Some of us just can’t help it – we do things at the last minute even if we had intended otherwise. And when it comes to Halloween costumes, “last-minute” is usually the word of the season. There isn’t anything wrong with that, especially if you’re busy with work or you simply aren’t into the Halloween costume thing but have to participate for whatever reason.

So, in case you’re still on the hunt for this year’s costume, here are easy yet awesome last-minute Halloween costumes for me that might even win you an award. Continue reading →

Apparently, we women like taking men’s hoodies. Yes, there is a huge appeal in that. Unless the hoodie has not seen the insides of a washing machine in god-knows-when.

However, on a chilly afternoon or a blustery evening when you find yourself “underdressed” without your own jacket, your partner’s hoodie would indeed be a blessing. So, yes, taking his hoodie is the most sensible thing to do.

But men are taking a stand! They don’t always think it’s fun to have their hoodie borrowed (why the heck not?), so they’re taking to social media…because we know that’s how you get things done these days. Continue reading →