Since you’re already updating your wardrobe to keep yourself warm in the coming months, you might as well splurge a bit more. If you can’t be without your hot drink – be it coffee or tea – then an Ember Temperature Control Mug is the gift you’ll want to give yourself this year. If you’re feeling generous, you can even get a bunch for your hot beverage-loving friends. Continue reading →

There is no better season to get a pair of boots than winter, when you need something to keep your feet warm and dry, all the while ensuring that you don’t slip and injure yourself on icy surfaces.

Gripforce wants to provide a solution to both issues in one go, with the world’s first intelligent winter boot. Truth be told, I believe “intelligent” is used way too often for products these days, but Gripforce does have its appeal. Continue reading →

…and make you feel like you’re doing something right with the way you dress – although that probably doesn’t mean much given what you’ll see as you scroll down.

Fashion, by its very definition, is a changing creature. While a certain look may stick around for a while, it is inevitable that another style will rise to popularity at some point. What was the look in the 70s is now, well, amusing at best.

And that’s what we’re going to dish out today: some amusement. Continue reading →