We all want gorgeous hair. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed in that area. Worse, some of us have hair that seriously needs TLC. Even worse, there are (many) cases when no matter what products and treatments you apply, your hair just doesn’t seem to live anymore.

What to do?

Approach the issue from a different perspective: consume food for healthy hair. Continue reading →

It’s easy to get lost when you think of all the depressing things happening in the world, but there is inspiration to be found everywhere – from grand gestures of people doing good to the smallest act of lending a hand. Then there are stories like that of Miguel Lozano’s, an 18-year-old college student from Florida.

He’s the founder of Gambino Alliance, a fledgling footwear line which combines Italian luxury & style and comfort. Continue reading →

Convenience comes at a price, and with smartphones, that price comes in all shapes and sizes. We’re all too familiar with the scenario of waking up and reaching for our phones first thing – or falling asleep with our phones in our hands.

That’s not to say that smartphones have not made our lives better. Having access to information anytime, anywhere; being able to deal with critical work issues on the go; being able to take photos and share them easily – all these and so much more are reasons smartphones are essential parts of our lives.

But there is the dark side. There’s always the dark side. Continue reading →