Everyone needs a trusty pair of jeans that one can put on anytime. Then there are the jeans that are meant to be all style. Of course, the best kind is a combo of style and function. Oh, and a nice price point.

Unfortunately, designer jeans that fall into the latter category don’t exactly have a “nice” price tag, but they do look good.

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Everyone knows that you can’t underestimate the value of a wallet. It keeps all that hold you dear in one nifty package. You want it to be stylish, functional, and durable.

With technology making it so that we can’t live without our phones, the novel idea of a wallet being a phone charger sound like a home run, doesn’t it? Add to that “solar power”, and you’ve hit the ball out of the park.  Continue reading →

They may haven’t been a staple on the front page of Tech Crunch and the usual Silicon Valley startup scene, but $12-billion startup Samumed is going about its business, which is all about bringing relief to individuals who suffer from baldness. The biotech company is working on technology that will not only re-grow hair but also remove wrinkles and regenerate cartilage.

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