No one likes being cold and wet, but we’re probably not wrong in saying that many people don’t like bringing lugging umbrellas along. Then again, if it’s pouring out there, we don’t really have a choice. Then there’s the matter of wet feet. There’s nothing worse than soaking wet socks!

If you love your Chucks, then you know how much of a pain this is. As much as we like wearing them, we know that they’re totally not weatherproof and one a good downpour can ruin your day.

Good thing Converse is “modernizing”.

The Converse Waterproof Urban Utility Collection is the result of a partnership with with Gore, the makers of Gore-Tex. Continue reading →

Who lines up for Black Friday these days? Maybe you do, but if you don’t feel like getting squeezed like a squeegee and yet still get pretty good deals, then Amazon and its counterparts is your best friend, yes?

As early as last week, we already saw great deals, but here’s one last hurrah right before Black Friday. We’ve picked 5 Amazon Black Friday deals that we believe you won’t want to miss (for good reason). Continue reading →

Here’s another collaboration between brands that will get your head spinning. Sneakerhead or not, the adidas NMD R1 is something else.

When two esteemed names from the east – NEIGHBORHOOD of Japan and INVINCIBLE of Taiwan – come together with what may very well be the number 1 everyday sneaker brand, a marvelous product is bound to be the result. And the adidas NMD R1  is just that. Continue reading →

Originating from British fashion culture, street style has evolved into different variations which we can’t really pin down. Its very roots, after all are anchored to the idea that style doesn’t fall under the dictates of fashion trends but instead, ebbs and flows according to the individual’s preferences and own fashion sense.

This week, we’ve kept an eye on Twitter for men’s #streetstyle posts, and here are the ones that we wouldn’t mind wearing. Continue reading →

Global high fashion online retailer MR PORTER has long been the go-to source of many a stylish man’s clothing needs. This year, the brand is extending its reach by launching a new private line.

Dubbed MR P., MR PORTER’s line is all about the details and the idea that design should be time-proof. Continue reading →