These Adidas Pizza Shoes Are For Real But You Can’t Have Them

Adidas pizza shoes

Everyone loves pizza, and we’ve seen all sorts of “pizza merchandise” – from pizza sleeping bags to full pizza costumes. Why can’t we have pizza shoes?

I guess the fact that a major brand has attached its name to the somewhat eccentric design has something to do with it.

The Adidas Pizza Shoes aren’t all about capturing the attention of everyone you run into, though – although that’s probably what’s going to happen if you wear it.

The pair is part of a collaboration with Refinery29, the result of which are 50 pairs of uniquely designed shoes. 11 women artists were involved in creating the shoes, each pair being representative of a state.

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The designs highlight something the state is known for.

Refinery29 shares:

…Using sand, acrylic paint, thread, beading, clay, faux flowers, and more, each artist outdid themselves with their one-of-a-kind designs. The once-white kicks now boast illustrations inspired by the gemstones, local flora, regional cuisines, and varied landscapes of each locale. Think: peaches for Georgia, purple lilac for New Hampshire, and mountainscapes and canyons for Utah.

How about lobster?

Bad news if you’re hankering for a pair: the shoes were sold via an online auction in July, so you’re out of luck. Maybe you can design your own if you’ve got the chops?




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