Even the most stylish person has a dry spell now and then. Of course, there is always a go-to ensemble that saves the day. Then again, one could get tired of the default, yes?

That’s where social media comes in extra handy. Instagram in particular.

Since it’s the middle of the week, you might be feeling the blues and lacking inspiration. If you do, then here are some #OOTMEN posts on Instagram that may give you just what you need. Today and beyond. Continue reading →

New England-born Penfield has released a new collection of sportswear which takes us back a few decades and yet keeps us connected to current times with a touch of high tech.

The Penfield Bear Pack collection is the brand’s contribution to the winter season. It has taken inspiration from its past designs – around the 80s and 90s in particular – all the while taking advantage of the developments in the fabric and manufacturing sectors. Continue reading →

Who lines up for Black Friday these days? Maybe you do, but if you don’t feel like getting squeezed like a squeegee and yet still get pretty good deals, then Amazon and its counterparts is your best friend, yes?

As early as last week, we already saw great deals, but here’s one last hurrah right before Black Friday. We’ve picked 5 Amazon Black Friday deals that we believe you won’t want to miss (for good reason). Continue reading →