There’s always a hashtag for everything, and this week, what gets us the most is #SignsYoureOutOfShape. Not surprising, yes? After all, we’ve all (or most of us, at least) have been there…or are still there.

Last week, we featured the EveryMAN Project, which breaks free what society dictates and highlights the beauty of each individual. But beautiful is not the same as being in shape, is it? Continue reading →

They may haven’t been a staple on the front page of Tech Crunch and the usual Silicon Valley startup scene, but $12-billion startup Samumed is going about its business, which is all about bringing relief to individuals who suffer from baldness. The biotech company is working on technology that will not only re-grow hair but also remove wrinkles and regenerate cartilage.

Sounds miraculous, doesn’t it? Continue reading →

We all want gorgeous hair. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed in that area. Worse, some of us have hair that seriously needs TLC. Even worse, there are (many) cases when no matter what products and treatments you apply, your hair just doesn’t seem to live anymore.

What to do?

Approach the issue from a different perspective: consume food for healthy hair. Continue reading →