The upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor stirred up a lot of talk from the get go. The recent press conference at the Staples Center did nothing to change that. If anything, it added fuel to the fire.

Contender Conor McGregor has been throwing some trash talk down Mayweather’s way, but at the press conference, he took things to a whole new level with his custom-made F*ck You suit. Continue reading →

Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of time at your tailor anymore. It looks like the online/virtual trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s the opposite. We see more services going online – even the high-end ones.

There’s Air Tailor, which offers alteration and repair services by getting information via text. They will then arrange pickup and delivery.

But if all your clothes are in great shape and what you need is a new suit, then here’s the thing for you: CottonBrew. Continue reading →

Sports jackets, blazers, and coats have been part of a gentleman’s ensemble for a long time, but the distinction among the three is difficult for some. To start off, let’s make it clear what a sports jacket is.

Designed for less formal occasions, a sports jacket is textured and often patterned and has more pockets. Indeed, while wearing a jacket with jeans is often considered a no-no, that has changed these days.

I’ve always liked the look, but I didn’t get why some guys say the combination is a bad one.

The Art of Manliness tells me that I am right.  Continue reading →

The New York Fashion Week: Men’s was held last week, and it received mixed reactions. While there were some interesting collections, there were “analysts” who claim that it didn’t work. Basically a fail.

Let’s not look at the outlandish collections that you probably won’t touch with a 12-foot pole. Unless you’re going to a costume party.

new york fashion week mens


Instead, let’s look at some suits that you would actually wear to work or a night out. Continue reading →