Smart sports wearables don’t blow our minds anymore, but we’re still happy to welcome the latest thingamajigs brands roll. Especially those who can’t live without a tracking device (plus accompanying app, of course) of some sort.

But have you ever thought of needing (or even wanting) smart socks?

You may already have a pair or two of smartshoes in your closet. Have you ever felt that something was missing? A pair of smart socks to go with them, perhaps?

I could be wrong but…

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No one likes being cold and wet, but we’re probably not wrong in saying that many people don’t like bringing lugging umbrellas along. Then again, if it’s pouring out there, we don’t really have a choice. Then there’s the matter of wet feet. There’s nothing worse than soaking wet socks!

If you love your Chucks, then you know how much of a pain this is. As much as we like wearing them, we know that they’re totally not weatherproof and one a good downpour can ruin your day.

Good thing Converse is “modernizing”.

The Converse Waterproof Urban Utility Collection is the result of a partnership with with Gore, the makers of Gore-Tex. Continue reading →

Who has time to do laundry these days?

If you’re lucky to have someone do your laundry, good for you. But if you have to set aside time to do it yourself, then you know how difficult it can be given the hectic lives we live.

Panasonic truly understands that the struggle is real. That’s why they created the new Panasonic Deodorizing Hanger. Something to take care of laundry (at least some of it) for the lazy busy. Continue reading →

If you’re not friends with Cortana or Siri has been too sassy to you, then you might be better off with Google Assistant. Not only is it supposed to be superior (you’re going to get quite a discussion going here), but it is also meant to be the only assistant you need, connecting your watch, your phone, your home, and even your car.

That being said, Google Assistant got recent upgrades that will entice you to use it. Continue reading →