New Under Armour Launches New Smartshoes

Under Armour Smartshoes

Everything’s going smart these days, and smartshoes aren’t really new.

So what’s all the fuss about Under Armour’s unveiling of its news high tech shoes at CES 2018?

In fact, they released three “Record Equipped running shoes” during last year’s CES.

This year, they’re back with what the HOVR series.

There are currently two models in the HOVR series: the HOVR Phantom and the HOVR Sonic.

While the smart aspect of the shoes are the highlight of the HOVR series, Under Armour worked on the basic features first -performance and design – before working on the smart integration.

We could be wrong, but this should come as a comfort to loyal Under Armour customers. With training and running in mind, it’s nice to know that performance and design come first. Of course, with the tech and social climate today, having automated tracking and social sharing features is even better.

Under Armour Smartshoes

While some may disagree, in our opinion, the Under Armour smartshoes look good – though maybe not in the way you would expect running shoes to.

HOVR Phantom has a “3D sculpted, perforated chamois leather that meets a ‘knitting collar’ at the top“. TechCrunch says that it looks like the top of a sock, which is quite understandable. The Sonic is more sedate and traditional in design.

The cool tech part is the bluetooth module, accelerometer, and gyroscope embedded in the foam soles. There is also a built-in battery, which is supposed to last as long as the shoes.

And, of course, to use the shoes’ smart features, you need the Under Armour MapMyRun app.

The new Under Armour smartshoes aren’t out yet, but expect the Phantom to be $140 and the Sonic to be $110. They’re also available in the non-smart version, at $130 and $100, respectively.

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