adidas NMD R1

Here’s another collaboration between brands that will get your head spinning. Sneakerhead or not, the adidas NMD R1 is something else.

When two esteemed names from the east – NEIGHBORHOOD of Japan and INVINCIBLE of Taiwan – come together with what may very well be the number 1 everyday sneaker brand, a marvelous product is bound to be the result. And the adidas NMD R1  is just that.

The collaboration’s premise is anchored to NEIGHBORHOOD’s roots, with its past designs having a strong influence, all the while applying innovation in materials and design.

In terms of color and design, the adidas NMD R1 draws inspiration from the 35th anniversary of adidas’s Superstar (2004) – at least the part where NEIGHBORHOOD contributed. Then there’s the “Mash Jacket“, which is undeniably the stand out piece of the brand when it was released.

From the Mash Jacket, distinct Eastern elements such as elaborate letting, dragons, and tigers.

adidas nmd r1 heel

Early release for the shoes will be on November 24 at INVINCIBLE. You can also get them via their online shop. If you don’t manage to snag a pair then, you can get one starting December 29, the day of the general release at Consortium stores.

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