These Nike PlayStation Sneakers Will Make the Gamer in You Delirious

nike playstation sneakers

You can’t have too many pairs of sneakers, can you? There is always room for another pair in your shoe cabinet. If not, there is certainly a nook or cranny available in your home. Then there’s the trend of selling and/or trading old (but almost mint condition) sneakers.

Result: always enough space for one more.

And when you see the new Nike PlayStation sneakers, you will definitely make place in your collection.

Nike, Sony, and NBA All-Star Paul George have teamed up to give us the sneaker lover’s/gamer’s dream pair of shoes.

Called PG-2 “PlayStation” colorway, these Nike PlayStation sneakers look out of this world but with a price tag that’s very well-grounded: $110! It won’t be available until February 10, 10 AM EST, so make sure you have this link.

We don’t know about you, but this looks really sick. Male or female, we need this.

Here’s more action to get you all excited.

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