PAQ Is a YouTube Series Every Fashion-Conscious Man Should Watch

YouTube Fashion Series for Men

Netflix may be the king of binge-watching but YouTube cannot be ignored as it continues to serve up its own sensations. In the realm of men’s fashion, channels like I Am Alpha Male have garnered millions of subscribers.

If you’re looking for something refreshing, then this YouTube fashion series for men’s fashion should be on your watchlist.

Unique and catchy, PAQ is a streetwear show that is making waves. The hosts are four British friends – (skater Danny Lomas, aspiring musician Dexter Black, art student Shaquille Keith, and model Elias Riadi) – in their 20s, who bring a take on the realities of fashion and style.

The YouTube fashion series for men has been dubbed as the “Top Gear for hypebeasts“, which gives us a pretty good idea of the kind of entertainment they dish out.

Take these questions, for example:

What happens when you take your Supreme x North Face off-road? Can you put together a fire outfit with only £50 and an internet connection?

But it’s not all about entertainment – PAQ’s content is highly informative and useful to the average Joe who wants to look good and still be able to function like a normal human being and not trip over ensembles models wear on the runway.

With the humor and quality content the four friends produce, it’s no surprise that they have subscribers in the hundreds of thousands. Individual episodes even have reached a million views! And, big brand names have not been oblivious to the series’ success.

Producer Sam Olanipekun says, “The world of streetwear and men’s fashion can be so serious sometimes. There is a tendency to mock and scoff at the people who are passionate about streetwear but we just don’t get that”.

Elias sums it all up: “We’re here to fill the void of what mainstream media will never provide for the culture – recognition and entertainment”.

Ready for some fun and fashion? Check out PAQ now.

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