Order Pizza Hut With a Press of a Button With These Pizza Sneakers

pizza hut pizza shoes

Pizza Hut pizza sneakers.

Now say that five times fast.

Feeling dumb? Take a look at those shoes. You’ll feel better – if only because the shoes look dumber.

It’s not like pizza shoes are new – remember the Adidas pizza shoes – but these Pizza Hut pizza sneakers are taking things to a whole new level.

A level down. Or two.

Called the Pie Tops 2.0* (yes, this is Pizza Hut’s second attempt), these sneakers are meant to be worn. If you like the design, that is.

The shoes were designed by Dominic Chambrone, a well-known name in the customization realm. Even though we’re not sure about the looks of the sneakers, it does have the usual elements you want in a good pair: paneling in mesh, leather, patent, and nubuck.

The Pizza Hut pizza shoes come in Red or Wheat. Care to guess where the inspiration comes from?

It comes with a Pie Top app (of course there’s an app!) that allows you to order pizza by pressing a button on your shoe. If you like Pizza Hut, then you’re golden. Oh, and if you’re not a cable cutter yet, and your cable provider is a partner, you can use the system to pause your TV. You know, when the pizza delivery guy arrives and you have to walk to the door.

There are no details regarding the price point, but we do know that the sneakers will drop on March 19 on HBX.

Here’s a question: Do these qualify as smartshoes?



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