Mini Burlap Bow Lapel Pin



A man has to look his best every time he steps out of his door and make sure he stands out from the rest of the pack. Whether it’s dressing up for the office, going out for a night of fun, or spending the weekend at some fancy estate, they say it’s the suit that makes the man. We say it’s the accessory that seals the deal!


What better way to make a statement while looking good than with this Mini Burlap Bow Lapel Pin?

A bow tie is the mark of a gentleman, but the Mini Burlap Bow Lapel Pin takes your ensemble to a different dimension never seen before. Unique, handcrafted, and rich with character only burlap can offer, this gentleman’s accessory oozes inimitable style.

So, suit up, but don’t forget to add that understated element of class.


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