Mustache Wax



There’s no better way to accentuate a man’s lips than with a nicely grown mustache, but you better make sure your ‘stache is American Mustache Institute-certified. Chevron, Dali, English, Fu Manchu, Handlebar (or the petit version), or Horseshoe – your mustache style is your choice to make, but do yourself a favor and nurture it like you would your most precious possession: your car.

Beeswax, Fractioned coconut oil, Vitamin E


Just as you make sure your car gets only the best wax, ensure a shiny, classy mustache with this Mustache Wax. Encased in a portable tube, you can take the Mustache Wax wherever you go, so that you can retouch any time you need to. But remember, it’s good etiquette to go to the little boys’ room for a retouch!

Made with natural ingredients that don’t harm the environment but only make your ‘stache look good, the Mustache Wax makes sure you impress not only the ladies, but your mates as well.


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