Protect Your Shoes With These Shoes

Sankuanz shoes

Because your special, expensive shoes can’t be exposed to the elements.

As meta as it is, these shoes for shoes by Sankuanz serve a real, practical purpose.

Imagine this.

You just shelled out $10,000 for a special edition pair of sneakers. Of course you want to keep it in mint condition – whether you want to keep it in your collection or you have the intention of selling it later on at a higher price.

Then again, there is probably a part of you that wants to wear it and show it to the world. Quite understandably so!

But you don’t want to ruin those shoes. You don’t want even a speck of dust sticking to the soles.

What do you do?

Wear Sankuanz’s shoes for shoes.

The Sankuanz shoes debuted at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week and got more attention than usual – to no surprise. They look more like sandals (anyone think of Birkenstocks?) which serve as an outer protective layer for the high-top sneakers the models wore on the runway.

Sankuanz publicist Courtney Wittich thinks they’re going to be really popular, saying”I mean, you know, the streets are quite dirty and people want to protect their shoes, especially if they’re paying a lot of money for them.”

Kind of makes sense, but…

…there’s always a but, yeah?

The shoes are dropping in August and are going to set you back $355 a pair. Ouch.


Check out the Chinese brand’s website for its collections.

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