Kanye Wants the Trademark to “Red October”

red october trademark

First thing that comes to mind: Is it even possible?

For us, at least, Red October equals the submarine in Tom Clancy’s popular book, The Hunt for Red October – also the basis for the eponymous movie. And on a more serious, real-life note, Red October is used to refer to the Russian Revolution of 1917 – considered to be one of the most explosive political events in the 20th century, when the Bolsheviks (with Lenin at the lead) ended the reign of the Romanovs.

All that being said, is “Red October” still up for being trademarked?

Apparently, it is already trademarked – by Nike, no less.

So, it’s a TIL moment.

The Red October trademark is all about shoes and has nothing to do with the submarine or political revolution.

What’s the story?

Sneakerheads would no doubt know that the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October is one of the most wanted shoes in their world. Even today, you’ll find that it sells for up to $9,000!

Back then, Nike and Kanye were tight, so I guess the matter of the Red October trademark may not have been a big issue. We know, however, Kanye has since “left” Nike and is now in Adidas’ camp.

With the Yeezy brand being as famous as it is, the idea of a Red October special comes as no surprise. Kanye would need that Red October trademark to go in that direction, though.

Apparently, he has filed a motion years before but was denied, but he’s at it again. Are we going to see a new Yeezy Red October? Or, maybe, a better question is “Do we want a new Yeezy Red October?”

What say you?

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