Startup “Hims” Sells Guys on Personal Wellness

men's personal wellness

Not to start off on negative footing, but when I first heard about this startup, I wasn’t really convinced. Personal wellness is THE thing these days, and men are joining the trend more and more.

Is there really a need for a new shop for personal wellness?

Sure, it’s specifically for men, but are they really meeting a need or are they solving a problem that doesn’t exist?

I suppose you guys can answer that best – and time will tell.

However, according to the founders of Hims, “only 1 in 10 guys feel comfortable talking about their looks and health with their doctor”. Okay, I’m buying that. But where does Hims enter the picture?

Their goal?

“We hope to enable a conversation that’s currently closeted. Men aren’t supposed to care for themselves. We call bullshit. The people who depend on you and care about you want you to. To do the most good, you must be well.”

Their solution?

“…men now have easier, more affordable access to the prescriptions, products and medical advice they need. Especially about the things they find hard to talk about.”

What are those things?

men's personal wellness shop

How is this novel, you may be asking. Well, take a look.

men's personal wellness

But what does Hims do exactly?

They sell products that you can easily find at drugstores after all.

Well, the main thing here is their branding. They’ve taken on a millennial approach – from packaging to wording. They are presenting themselves as sort of a coach, helping men tackle their insecurities and making them more confident.

Whether you buy it or not, the startup has gotten attention – how about getting labeled “Goop for Men“? Check them out, and see if they can do something for you.

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