Grindr, the world’s largest gay social network app, is where men go for fun and online dating. Of course, we know that online interactions do extend to the real world.

Recently, Grindr hit the headlines thanks to an article published by The Daily Beast, wherein their correspondent conducted an “experiment” using the app to bait athletes to come out into the open. It has since been taken down due to the outrage it caused. Continue reading →

While a new study may have shown that men like to go fashion shopping more than women these days, one cannot ignore the fact that not everyone is confident enough to pick or create his own style. Or maybe, some just don’t have the time. Case in point: celebrities who look glamorous but still need a personal stylist.

For the average person, employing a personal stylist is probably out of the question, but luckily, there are entrepreneurs who are filling this need. Continue reading →