Here’s another collaboration between brands that will get your head spinning. Sneakerhead or not, the adidas NMD R1 is something else.

When two esteemed names from the east – NEIGHBORHOOD of Japan and INVINCIBLE of Taiwan – come together with what may very well be the number 1 everyday sneaker brand, a marvelous product is bound to be the result. And the adidas NMD R1  is just that. Continue reading →

It’s easy to get lost when you think of all the depressing things happening in the world, but there is inspiration to be found everywhere – from grand gestures of people doing good to the smallest act of lending a hand. Then there are stories like that of Miguel Lozano’s, an 18-year-old college student from Florida.

He’s the founder of Gambino Alliance, a fledgling footwear line which combines Italian luxury & style and comfort. Continue reading →

There is no better season to get a pair of boots than winter, when you need something to keep your feet warm and dry, all the while ensuring that you don’t slip and injure yourself on icy surfaces.

Gripforce wants to provide a solution to both issues in one go, with the world’s first intelligent winter boot. Truth be told, I believe “intelligent” is used way too often for products these days, but Gripforce does have its appeal. Continue reading →

You will probably be suiting up a lot this holiday season, and if you need tips on that, check out the ultimate guide on how to wear a suit.

Of course, to pull off the whole look, you need to pay attention to other elements such as grooming and accessories. When it comes to accessories, your shoes are the most important. You can wear the most expensive, best looking suit, but if your shoes don’t match or look shabby, then you’ve totally ruined everything.

To make sure your shoes stay classy and spiffy, why not get yourself a nice present this Christmas? The Shoe Care Valet Saphir.

shoe care valet saphir

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