First thing that comes to mind: Is it even possible?

For us, at least, Red October equals the submarine in Tom Clancy’s popular book, The Hunt for Red October – also the basis for the eponymous movie. And on a more serious, real-life note, Red October is used to refer to the Russian Revolution of 1917 – considered to be one of the most explosive political events in the 20th century, when the Bolsheviks (with Lenin at the lead) ended the reign of the Romanovs. Continue reading →

No one likes being cold and wet, but we’re probably not wrong in saying that many people don’t like bringing lugging umbrellas along. Then again, if it’s pouring out there, we don’t really have a choice. Then there’s the matter of wet feet. There’s nothing worse than soaking wet socks!

If you love your Chucks, then you know how much of a pain this is. As much as we like wearing them, we know that they’re totally not weatherproof and one a good downpour can ruin your day.

Good thing Converse is “modernizing”.

The Converse Waterproof Urban Utility Collection is the result of a partnership with with Gore, the makers of Gore-Tex. Continue reading →