Smart sports wearables don’t blow our minds anymore, but we’re still happy to welcome the latest thingamajigs brands roll. Especially those who can’t live without a tracking device (plus accompanying app, of course) of some sort.

But have you ever thought of needing (or even wanting) smart socks?

You may already have a pair or two of smartshoes in your closet. Have you ever felt that something was missing? A pair of smart socks to go with them, perhaps?

I could be wrong but…

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New England-born Penfield has released a new collection of sportswear which takes us back a few decades and yet keeps us connected to current times with a touch of high tech.

The Penfield Bear Pack collection is the brand’s contribution to the winter season. It has taken inspiration from its past designs – around the 80s and 90s in particular – all the while taking advantage of the developments in the fabric and manufacturing sectors. Continue reading →